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The cervico-facial facelift: neutralizes the signs of aging

The cervico-facial facelift :

A cervico-facial or (lower) facelift is a cosmetic surgery that targets loose skin under the chin or jowls, caused either by a weakening of the muscles or sometimes from fat deposits that modify the form of the face, that in turn, give the face a more square or uneven appearance. These changes are often viewed as undesirable by patients as they are a sign of aging and the opposite of a chiseled, youthful appearance. This lower face lift treats the neck, nasolabial folds (these famous lines that descend from your nose to the corners of your mouth), and parentheses lines (the lines that arch on each side of your mouth that give the impression of parentheses). This face lift is a sort of ultimate solution used by plastic surgeons to rejuvenate the lower section of the face. Most often, this procedure is conducted under a general anesthesia. It is a cosmetic surgery that focuses on tightening the muscles underneath the skin, and repositioning the skin back onto the face. Professionals in this domain speak of “SMAS” the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, that gives the face it’s form. This type of sub-muscular facelift is more effective than the traditional facelift (targets the superficial skin of the face), producing longer lasting and more esthetically pleasing results. By tightening the tissue upwards, this procedure gives a more triangular shape to the face that is synonymous with a youthful appearance. We are also very careful today to respect the hairline and produce minimal and discreet scaring (inside the ears) during our cosmetic surgery procedures especially with the lower facelift.