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Hair transplants – Post-op and practical hygiene tips


1 – Immediately after the procedure:

In the hour following the operation, a small amount of bleeding may occur.

2 – On the third day:

The first shampoo will take place. Proceed very gently, especially on the transplanted area so that none of the scabs are removed and shampoo normally in the area where sampling occurred.

3 – On the 15th day:

Scabs with hair attached will start to fall off. Do not worry because the root remains under the skin and it is this root that will sprout new hair after 3 months.

If the scabs stay longer than 3 weeks post-op, it is advised to soften them by shampooing 3 times per week.

Do not worry if the regrowth of hair doesn’t occur for up to 8-10 days after the exêcted 3 months.

4- Once the growth begins, it continues to grow at a rate of 1cm per month. New hair can be cut like normal hair.

Practical hygiene tips:

  • Avoid extreme exertion during the first 3 days.
  • Avoid exercise for the first week after the operation.
  • Also wait a week before swimming in lakes or the ocean.
  • Wait 3 weeks before going to your hairstylist.
  • Protect your head from sun exposure by wearing a hat..

Do not worry about swelling, it starts about 48 hours after the surgery and lasts between 2 and 4 days. It will leave gently without doing any damage.

If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to call us.