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Energize your smile: The depressor anguli oris (DAO) region

I don’t limit the discussion to the position of the lips with my patients, I talk about contributors to an aging appearance, like the sagging or drooping of the smile, and the parentheses lines in terms of energy: positive and negative energy.

You should not observe the face in a static position but appreciate how it moves and flows.

Aging at the facial level, is primarily expressed by the eyes, the smile and everything that sags: sagging of the end of the brows, the eyelids, the corner of the lips etc. will age or give a sad impression.

The position of the corner of the lips, for me, is essential to facial interventions. This famous “corner” of the mouth is weakened by the zygomaticus major and minor muscles that are used to lift the smile and the depressor anguli oris (DAO) that is used to lower into a frown.

It is inevitable that in your forties and sometimes before, that you will experience a retraction of the muscles under the skin that, in turn, cause a downward drooping and sagging of the exterior of the mouth.


This downward arching of the mouth strongly depletes an individual’s appearance but is rarely treated.

Thus, a facelift even if well executed, can’t treat the underlying problem that is primarily a problem with the muscles. We often see the elderly American stars, that after their umpteenth facelift, looking stretched with tight skin but a downward pouting smile.

The solution is simple, we need to target our DAO. This can be achieved either from Botox to release the muscle tension or we can enact a surgical procedure. The surgical procedure is simple and consists of cutting the fibers of the muscle. The result is always satisfying and patients are thrilled with their invigorated smile.

Upper Lip Lift: A radiant smile

When we age, we elongate the philtrum (situated between the base of the nose and the top lip) accentuated sometimes by excessive use of fillers and products that weigh down the lips over time.
The facelift method of the upper lip is done at the base of the nose that allows us to create an invisible scar that rejuvenates wonderfully. We achieve a better philtrum to upper lip ratio. Also, we rediscover the top line of teeth that gives the face a more pleasant appearance.
This is an outpatient procedure performed under an “assisted” local anesthesia and lasts about 30 minutes. This procedure could also fall into the facelift category: the post-operative care is usually simple, with mild pain and very limited physical marking and swelling. The stitches are removed on the 7th or 8th day after the procedure and make-up and regular activities can resume.