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Mild Liposuction

Mild liposuction

This technique is the lightest technique available.
It is used to remove small localized volumes in a profound and definitive way under local anesthesia.
Adipocytes (fat cells) usually do not come back with the exception of certain conditions i.e. poor genes, menopause, hormones, diet. Normally, once eliminated they do not reappear.

The technique

Micro cannulas (tubes) of 2 to 3 mm are used which are inserted through micro incisions in the skin.
There is no general anesthesia and it is an outpatient surgery.
The injection of the anesthetic solution allows for a painless operation.
The post-op recovery is marked by light bruising and swelling which disappear in 15 days.
This procedure can be performed on saddle bags, the belly, the knees, the ankles, the “love handles”, or the chin.