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Liposuction of the hips, legs and face

Hips, legs, face …

In women, liposuction most frequently treats the “saddlebags”, hips, abdomen, as well as the chin and oval of the face. In men, it concerns first the neck, the abdomen and the pubis. In reality, the more localized and small in size the fat zones are, the more effective the liposuction will be. Liposuction can be compared to the work of a sculptor: zone by zone.
It is necessary to have a complete vision of the patient, not only when they are dressed but also when they are undressed, considering and differentiating the results in concordance with each individual. The surgeon has no limits, it is the patient, or rather their skin, that has limitations. It’s a subtle balance between “the container and the content!” If you remove too much fat, ripples on the skin may appear. In reality, it is better to start small than risk doing too much, we can always go back and do more but we cannot undo an excessive liposuction. In the case of rippling and wavy skin, surgery cannot do much. However, endermologie techniques (draining massage) can improve the appearance of the skin. If there is a large cavity, it is possible to reinject the fat locally using a filler technique.

On the face, the fatty deposits that accumulate on the neck and cheeks have the effect of reducing the bone structure – jaw edges, cheekbones … – and favor a rounder appearance often not very youthful. On the lower face, an adipose layer (fat layer) can form an unsightly double chin. In these cases, liposuction makes the facial contours more visible and prominent. However, fatty deposits, especially on the chin, may require the use of a face lift, with excision of skin segments. The combination of these two interventions gives excellent results in redefining the contours of the face and neck. For liposuction of the face, incisions are made either under the chin, near the earlobe, or in the nostrils. The remaining scars are virtually invisible. Excess fat on the hips is also a prime target for liposuction. “I play sports and I’m very careful about what I eat but, while my upper body is thin, nothing changes on the hips, they are still large and this imbalance between the top and bottom of the body annoys me». This type of complaint is frequent and justified: the fat which is below the belt is particularly resistant to the physical exercises as to the diets. This is why liposuction represents an interesting solution for this part of the body and is very effective and durable in reducing fat.