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Liposuction of the belly

Liposuction of the belly to refine the waistline

If there is one area that the onset of liposuction has revolutionized, it is the waistline. It seems that the nicely rounded bellies of Rubens, Maillol and other artists, are no longer popular to the women and men of today. Unfortunately, the abdominal wall, by its structure and location, is conducive to fat deposits and the relaxation of muscles and skin. A lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and pregnancy are all factors which alone or together, help to promote the appearance of “love handles” or a “muffin top” due to excess fat in the abdomen.

Successful abdominal liposuction is above all a well-established surgical procedure that depends on the patient’s condition. Many elements must be taken into consideration before being considered for liposuction: the age, the state of the skin, the number of pregnancies, the weight, the size, the consideration of a preoperative diet in cases of obesity, etc. We must also analyze the entire circumference of the waist, the belly is only one-third, the state of the love handles and the lower back all contribute to this circumference. Moreover, before a liposuction of the abdomen, one must always consider the importance of the subcutaneous fat compared to the retro-muscular fat, the latter is not eligible for liposuction because of their proximity to vital organs like the intestines, for example. This would present too much of a rick to the safety of the patient. The quality of the abdominal wall and the tension of the muscles should also be considered. Only after a careful examination while taking into account all these elements, can we give a realistic projection of the results possible. Sometimes women with a bulging abdomen are disappointed by the surgeon’s refusal to perform the surgical procedure because, in these cases, it is not the subcutaneous fat that is involved, but first the lengthening of the muscles. A small belly with good underlying muscle tension is the precursor for a successful abdominal liposuction.