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Liposuction in men

Male Liposuction

In men, the extra pounds are not distributed over the entire silhouette as is more the case for women. In general, men store fat one place, the upper body between the waist and chest. Yes, swimsuit season is a difficult time in the male existence: it’s impossible to cheat!
For this reason, among liposuctions, liposuction of the abdomen is more commonly requested by men. Although suctioning the fat located around the navel presents particular difficulties, this intervention gives most of the time satisfactory results because the masculine skin has the tendency to retract well onto its new volume. Men also have less stretch marks, but in any case, before any liposuction, we must carry out a thorough examination of the causes and the nature of the weight-gain. It is necessary to determine if the fat is subcutaneous, and therefore suctionable, or if it is retro-muscular, pushing forward the muscular layer. In the case of retro-muscular fat, the intervention is not possible because it could perforate the intestine. In men, liposuction can also be used to clear the breast area – an abnormality called “gynecomastia” – but only if it is caused by fat and not a hormonal issue which requires further treatment. This intervention gives good results, physiologically but also psychologically because the presence of this chest mass can be quite traumatic for men.