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Change the shape and volume of the breasts

The effects of time, pregnancies and significant weight loss, can cause the breasts to sag to many different degrees depending on the woman. We call this phenomenon the “ptosis «effect. It is characterized by a looseness of the skin, a loss of volume and a displacement of the areola towards the bottom of the breasts. This procedure is often done to correct the effects of multiple pregnancies and periods of breastfeeding, a beautiful gesture of love but it does have a negative effect on the shape of the breasts. However, this ptosis effect is not always caused by breastfeeding, or aging, genetics also has its share of responsibility as some breasts “are born” sagging.

Why do breasts sag? Breasts sag because of the excessive mass of skin, the skin layer does not shrink at the same rate as the underlying gland, so it becomes too big for its contents contributing to the appearance of a breast ptosis. To correct this phenomenon, cosmetic surgery allows us to reconstruct the shape of the breasts to fit and to pull up the areola and the nipple. The skin is then reshaped on the mammary gland and its excess is removed in order to tighten the breast. If the chest has lost most of its volume, we will then use an implant to compensate for this loss, like what is practiced in breast augmentation. After surgery, the chest is transformed, re-shaped and raised. This is a common intervention involving patients of various ages, because women are all effected by this undesired phenomenon at different times in their life depending on their individual makeup. Sometimes this sagging effect is discreet and livable but when it is severe it is usually a cause of discomfort for most women.

Immediately after the operation, the volume of the “new” chest is between 10 and 15% larger than the target volume because the breasts are tight and firm due to postoperative edema and swelling. The true size appears after about three to four weeks once the swelling disappears. Scars are usually less visible in women after a breast reduction intervention because this surgery is more often performed in their thirties, at which time the inflammatory phenomena are less severe.