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Miror Facelift: a light facelift for a natural and rejuvenated appearance

Mini facelift or light facelift:

This operation is designed to rejuvenate the face by treating sagging and wrinkled skin while remaining less invasive and also respecting the unique appearance of the patient. The scarring is discrete and invisible, hidden along the hairline and the ears without having any effect on the hair. We achieve a vertical traction of the muscles and fat deposits assuring the result is long-lasting and natural without tension on the skin.

Natural results are all in the details: If the facial structure is asymmetric we need to lightly even out the bottom of the cheeks to bring a balance to the face and also create a more triangular and symmetric face shape.
Since all faces are asymmetrical to some extent, each side of the face may be treated slightly differently to re-create a balanced appearance.
Due to the precise attention to detail, the results are natural and have an elongated effect on our facial appearance.

This intervention is conducted under local anesthesia through an IV or with a general anesthesia. This is normally a day surgery with a light recovery with minimal swelling and bruising. You can usually resume your regular activities within 1 week.