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Cheek lift

Cheek lift:

This procedure is essential to bringing, geometrically, a more triangular appearance to the face. When we age, we notice a falling of the soft tissue of our cheekbones, the sagging of the skin gives the face a squarer shape. This classic facelift by stretching the skin towards the ears, helps to reduce the squareness of the face but does not give a completely triangular result. The upward stretching of a few millimeters to a centimeter can sometimes lift the skin and give a real result of enhancement along with a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. We can say confidently we don’t have perfectly symmetric faces, and this is due to the natural bone structure of the face, often with one cheekbone (usually the left) being lower and larger than the other.


I’ve found that most people, are unaware of the asymmetricity of their face. Since the face is divided by zones, more or less convex, concave or flat and also lacking symmetricity, we understand that the solution needs to be three dimensional and tailored to respond to the specific in-balances of each individual patient.

A few years ago, we have developed a facelift with 2 components. An upward stretching to lift the cheekbones, and a diagonal stretching to solidify the results.

This procedure does not include an incision near the eyelid, so it does not modify the appearance of the eyes. The skin is re-spread from the inside, so there is no modification of the appearance of the eyes which is very important to a natural result. We have published this technique and we have named it LCL (Locked Cheek Lift) where we associate different techniques to revitalize the eyes and smile.

The procedure takes one hour and we usually use a lite general anesthesia so you don’t see or feel anything.
For more moderate enhancements it is possible to perform an injection of filler or lipofiller. Sometimes, if the cheekbones need a full enhancement due to their size, we can use a silicone implant.

Online journal of plastic surgery :

Capture d’écran 2015-04-07 à 9.59.28 PM
Face expressive lifting (FEL) : An original surgical concept combined with bipolar radiofrequency

Finally, for the purpose of maximizing the healing process of the deep tissue, to minimize scarring, and to encourage a mild postoperative recovery, I offer, with the patient’s approval, a new PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) technology at the end of my procedures. This procedure consists of drawing a small vial of blood from the patient and after centrifugation of this blood, it is re-injected and enhances the growth and clotting elements of the patient’s healing process.


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